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Monday August 1st, 2016 Woke up sick as a dog, flu like crap. Had a fever, didn't train, BUT made it to the archery range and spent two hours dialing in my new Carbon Defiant Turbo! This rig is ridiculous and I am going to use this set-up for Nevada High Country Mule Deer. It's faster, and is a single pin slider which is perfect for spot and stalk mule deer. I am going to use a Tight Spot 5 arrow detachable quiver and possibly use mechanicals to extend my distances. Let me be clear, on elk I'm sticking with...

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Monday July 11th, 2016 1.Snatch complex (1 snatch pull+2 power snatch+2 squat snatch) 50%-1,55%-1,60%-1,65%-1 | #115,125,135,145 2.Power jerk 50%-5,55%-5,60%-5,65%-5,65%-5 | #145,155,175,185,185 3.Clean grip lift off w/ 5 sec hold at knee 50%-5,55%-5,60%-5,65%-5 | #145,156,171,185 4. Front squat 50%-5,55%-5,60%-5,65%-5,65%-5 | #162,179,195,211,211 5. Partner workout, alternating rounds for 20 minutes: 15 chest to bar pull-ups 20 burpees to 6" target 15 shoulder to overhead #115 9 rounds ***6 broadhead shots in backyard Tuesday July 12th, 2016 1. Clean complex (1 clean pull+2 power cleans+2 full cleans) 50%-1,55%-1,60%-1,65%-1 | #150,165,180,195 2. Drop snatch 50%-5,55%-5,60%-5,65%-5 | 115,125,135,145 3. Snatch grip lift off with 5...

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