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Here's a short list of workouts and other important items to do before elk hunting season.

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Despite family obligations and one dumb ass accident, we are getting our training in for elk season.

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Monday 6/24/2019 - REST Day Tuesday 6/25/2019 5 Rounds not for time: 10 back squats 135# & 20 lunges total with 50# sandbag front rack 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 for time: Calories Bike and Wall Ball Shots 20# at 10' | 11:33 Wednesday 6/26/2019 20 Minute Window: 3 Rounds of: 21 Deadlifts 165#, 6 dBall Ground to over Shoulder 150#, 19 Devil Presses 35#'s, max row for calories in remaining time | 54 cals Thursday 6/27/2019 2 hour hike with the family, which means packing around a 35lb 3 year old for most of the hike. For Time: 50 thrusters 115# and 50...

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Week 25 Training for those who want to check out what I do to prepare for elk hunting season.   Monday 6/17/19 Back Squat work up to a heavy 5 rep | 305# 3 Position Clean (floor, knee, hip) plus 1 jerk - 5 sets climbing, ended at 205# 3 Rounds for total reps, 1 minute at each station: handstand push-ups strict, ab mat sit-ups, push-ups on dumbbells with alternating row 35#'s, ring rows, rest... round 1 - 85 reps, round 2 - 84 reps, round 3 - 77 reps Tuesday 6/18/19 Warm-up: 3 rounds not for time 1 arm...

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Hey if you're reading this then you probably creep on my training journal - thank you!  I have been pretty off track on training, due to bear season and a few extended bear hunts.  So now that I'm done with that for the season, I have picked up where I left off.  Always feel free to email me if you have any questions on the programming or want to let me know you're doing some of the pieces!   Monday 6/10/19 1. Back Squat 155#x10, 205#x8, 235#x6, 255#x4, 275#x2 2. 16 minute AMRAP: 2,4,6,8...etc... Devil Presses & DB Step-ups...

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