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Strength & conditioning has been my passion for 20+ years. After my graduate degree, I pursued coaching with professional athletes and built a business centered around speed and agility development. But I soon figured out that to pay the bills, I had to coach regular adults to crack my monthly nut.  We started adopting circuit training at our speed center, which led me to for workout ideas. My initial impression was the workouts were dumb, poorly designed, and would undoubtedly cause injuries in our adults. Then I dabbled into a full week of CrossFit for myself, and as many...

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There is no denying that eBikes are gaining popularity, so I wanted to write an article that would answer some of the questions that are hard to find answers to when it comes to eBikes.

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Garage Gyms are a MAJOR Time Saver I used to own a CrossFit gym.  We purchased over $100K of equipment over the 11 years of operation.  We charged around $150/mo for membership and we were open 6-7 days a week.  I still belong to that gym, but I reeled back on driving there everyday and now make it in only 2-3x a week.  The rest of the training days are spent at home inside my garage gym. I don't waste 20 minutes driving to the gym or the 20 minutes driving home.  I save 40 minutes and I can knock out...

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  Many overlook their shoulder health and possibly take it for granted.  It simply doesn't register or is not on their radar until there's pain.  Not being able to draw your bow back is devastating to any bowhunter or target archer. I am extremely paranoid about shoulder injuries since much of my life involves archery.  I try to bow hunt throughout the year and I generally shoot my bow on the daily.  I hope to continue this lifestyle and I know anyone serious about archery probably feels the same.  This is why I wanted to dedicate a quick article on one of...

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