Dan's GEAR

ONXHUNT - Download your maps for offline mode before you step out the door on your next hunt.  This is the most reliable mapping application out there.  

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 WILDERNESS ATHLETE - Trust your recovery from training and hunting with hydrate & recover, energy & focus, pack-out bars & bites and more. 

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MATHEWS ARCHERY - 2023 PHASE 4 29/33" has 75# mods, 80% let-off, custom strings from Podium Archer (BCY 454), Bowmar Nosebutton, 1/4" peep from Radical Designs, Hamskea ElkShape Edition Epsilon Rest, HHA Ryze 3 Pin, Mathews 1 Piece Low Profile Quiver, Engage Leg Limbs, 10" Bridgelock Stabilizer up front (2oz), 8" Bridgelock Rear Stabilizer (4oz), ElkShape Side Plates.



VORTEX OPTICS - My favorite item is the UHD 10x42's for all hunting pursuits.  Rangefinder of choice is the Razor HD 4000, and Spotter is a Razor 65mm angled on their Summit Carbon II tripod made specifically for the backcountry.  I also am in love with their Vortex Wear for training and scouting. 

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KIFARU - My preferred pack and frame for ALL elk hunting is the HOODLUM on a Duplex frame.  Other good options are the .22 Mag, Kutthroat or Stryker.  I also use the Shape Charge on whitetail hunts.  I've tried so many packs out on the market, Kifaru is hands down the best fitting frame I've found.




BAKCOU -  I am in love with my eBike, it's literally a MULE and appropriately named that.  I use it for cruising cat roads looking for spring bear in full stealth mode.  You can use it to easily sneak into your tree stand sets or pitch bugles off of it in September.  Best money spent! 

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BOOTS - I've tried Kenetrek, HanWag, Crispi and Danner.  I prefer a wider toe box, higher boot, stiff but not too stiff, very grippy vibram on the bottom, leather or synthetic depending on the weather & terrain (synthetic can dry fast).  Boots are so personal so please find what works for you.  

  1. Spot & Stalk Scenarios out West: Lapponia II GTX
  2. All September Elk Hunting: Colorado II GTX
  3. Spring Bear: Briksdal MTN GTX
  4. Late Season Hunts: Guides Non-Insulated GTX




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BINO HARNESS - I have tried them all... Adak, Alaska Guide Creations, FHF, Pnuma, Vortex, etc... so far, my favorite is from Marsupial and here's the LINK.



BROADHEADS - I have had tremendous luck with Grim Reaper Micro Hades 3 blades, made in America.  I am also tinkering with IronWill s125 and s100's with bleeders.  Speaking of Ironwill, I really dig their titanium HIT inserts and collars.  I have both their 10 grain and 25 grain impact collars.  I don't use mechanicals and I think they will eventually fail you, just my opinion.  If you're running 4mm Arrows I think you need to check out their Snyder Core System!


KNIVES - I have tried so many on elk, my absolute favorite is the classic BUCK 110 and their Legendary Hunting Skinning Knives. 


ARROWS - ABT (always be tinkering) - currently I am using RIP TKO ELITES 300 spine.  I really like AAE Max Stealth vanes, I put them in max helical.  I have tinkered with AAE Hybrid 26 and Hunters as well, but ultimately I end up with the Stealths.  I don't like wraps on the back of the arrow and when I am not hunting in Idaho I use nockturnal lighted nocks.  My goal for FOC is 15% and a total weight around 440-480 grains given my draw length of 27".




RELEASES - I get asked this a lot so here goes - most of the elk I have harvested have been with a Scott XT singe hook index release.  Currently, my primary hunting release is the Carter WISE CHOICE thumb when hunting.  In practice, I float around a lot hinges, tension, etc... some of the other releases I own are Carter Honey, HTM, Scott Black Hole, Nockon Backstrap.

TRAIL CAMS - I have tried many and found the best luck with STEALTH CAM - I run lithium AA's and a 64GB memory card on video mode, use their cell phone cams and transmit images directly to my phone.  





SLEEP SYSTEMS - I run a 2 man tent from Klymit (Maxfield), a floorless shelter from Seek Outside called Cimarron 4P with stove for colder hunts.  I really like my Western Mountaineering Versalite on a Klymit pad, but I run cold so keep that in mind.

Mobile Elk Hunting - My truck is a mobile attack unit for elk hunting out west.  I have everything kitted out on a Leitner Rack


Bulletproof Your Shoulders

Healthy shoulders rank supreme in my little world of archery.  I would encourage anyone not wanting to go under the knife for shoulder surgery to create a dedicated space for bands and shoulder stability.  I like the simplicity of CrossOver Symmetry.  Here’s the LINK to learn more about CrossOver Symmetry and here’s a LINK to get the Amazon knock off.  I don’t care what you buy, but I do want this equipment readily available for your garage gym.

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Getting Home Gym Equipment on the CHEAP 

I suggest shopping Craigslist, Garage Sales or Facebook Marketplace.  If you’re an Amazon Prime Member then take advantage of their fast free shipping.  When we used to own a gym,  we paid so much in freight fees that it would make you sick.  My entire gym is comprised of REP FITNESS GEAR out of Denver, Co.  They are about 20% cheaper than Rogue Fitness and their shipping is fast and FREE:

  • Pull-Up Bar 
  • Pair of Dumbbells 
  • Barbell 
  • One or Two Kettlebells 35# and 55# 
  • MedBall 20# 
  • Bumper Plate Set 45’s # 25’s#, 10’s# 
  • Assault Bike 
  • Concept II Rower 
  • Concept II Ski Erg  
  • CrossOver Symmetry
  • Squat Rack or Power Rack



Fatty Smoked meat sticks are a healthy option for the backcountry!  These are an oversized meat stick packed with protein, low in sugar, made with real hickory wood smoke, gluten-free and made with no MSG... and American-made. 

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Canvas Cutter

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