ElkShape Camps

Eventbrite - ElkShape Camp

ElkShape Camp(s) are your best bet to learn, not only how to shorten the elk hunting learning curve, but to carve out a pathway to becoming the best version of yourself!  We will have a handful of camps for 2020, don't miss out.

We teach tactics for the mountains and strategies for personal development.   We want your life to have more success through discipline, hard work, and delayed gratification.  

Learn the Elk Language & How to Create This Sounds

 We will leverage elk hunting to create a launchpad for you to stay motivated throughout the year, have more success in the field, at home, the office, and in the gym. We are blessed to call ourselves elk hunters.


COMING SOON: If you cannot make it to one of our camps, we have an online version with 30 videos of instruction, camp handouts, PDF's to download, that you can consume at your own pace covering:

  • Nutrition for performance, weight loss, and peak energy levels
  • How to workout year round in your garage gym
  • Injury prevention, proper warm-up, workouts, and programming
  • Dirk Durham (aka The Bugler) full instruction on elk calling
  • Backcountry gear and nutrition with Ryan Lampers (Sthealthy Hunter)
  • Bow Tuning for the archery elk hunter
  • Archery coaching and MORE.

 2020 ElkShape Camps:

  • January 24th-26th, 2020 Spokane, WA
  • February 21st-23rd, 2020 Spokane, WA
  • March 27th-29th, 2020 Spokane, WA
  • March 2020, Barneveld, Wisconsin (Vortex Optics HQ)
  • April 2020, Denver, CO (No Limits Archery)
  • April 2020, Seattle, WA (TBD)
  • May 2020, Portland, OR (TBD)
  • June 2020, Salt Lake City, UT (TBD)  


Eventbrite - ElkShape Camp