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ElkShape Camps Wrapped up for 2023

ElkShape Camps Wrapped up for 2023

Our 2023 ElkShape Camp season comes to a close.  We offered 5 camps this year starting in Arizona with the help of Wilderness Athlete.  The next camp was hosted by Pnuma Outdoors in Texas, followed by California which was our first time in the Golden state.  Next, was Wisconsin hosted by Vortex Edge and finally we finished the season in Washington.

We had close to 150 campers in total, exposing their individual weaknesses and creating a blueprint for them to achieve both elk hunting and personal development success.  We are lucky to call ourselves elk hunters, we must keep tidy relationships both at home and professionally to be able to sneak away in the fall and chase our passion.  We want to show up physically and mentally prepared to tackle the rigors of elk hunting out West.  We need to know our equipment, understand how to create an effective plan and execute so that we can have the best possible experience.  If you have never attended an ElkShape Camp here's a few reasons why you might consider...

Attending an ElkShape camp can offer numerous benefits for individuals interested in improving their physical fitness and hunting abilities. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Expert Guidance: ElkShape camps are typically led by experienced fitness professionals and avid hunters who specialize in elk hunting. They possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, providing participants with valuable guidance and instruction.

  2. Fitness Training: Elk hunting demands physical endurance, strength, and agility. ElkShape camps focus on conditioning participants specifically for the challenges of elk hunting. Through targeted workouts and training programs, attendees can improve their cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and overall stamina.

  3. Skill Development: These camps offer opportunities to enhance hunting skills and techniques. From learning how to scout effectively and identify prime elk habitats to understanding elk behavior and vocalizations, participants can gain valuable insights that can significantly improve their success in the field.

  4. Mental Preparedness: Elk hunting requires mental fortitude and discipline. ElkShape camps often incorporate mental training exercises, such as visualization techniques and mental toughness drills, to help participants develop the necessary focus, resilience, and decision-making skills required during intense hunting situations.

  5. Camaraderie and Networking: ElkShape camps bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for fitness and hunting. Participants can form friendships, share experiences, and network with fellow hunters, potentially leading to future hunting opportunities or valuable connections within the hunting community.

  6. Outdoor Experience: These camps typically take place in picturesque natural settings, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the outdoors and experience firsthand the terrain, weather conditions, and challenges associated with elk hunting. This exposure can better prepare individuals for real hunting scenarios.

  7. Personal Growth: Attending an ElkShape camp can contribute to personal growth and self-improvement. Participants often push their physical and mental limits, overcoming obstacles and gaining confidence in the process. Additionally, the camp experience may foster a deeper appreciation for nature, wildlife, and conservation efforts.

  8. Access to Resources: ElkShape camps often provide access to resources and materials that can assist participants in their ongoing fitness and hunting journey. This can include training plans, nutritional guidance, equipment recommendations, and access to a supportive community of fellow hunters and fitness enthusiasts.

In summary, attending an ElkShape camp offers a unique blend of fitness training, skill development, mental preparation, camaraderie, and outdoor experience, all of which can greatly enhance an individual's elk hunting abilities and overall enjoyment of the sport.

We will announce our 2024 schedule soon.  We are looking at taking the camp to a new level and offering more instruction on SHOT-IQ with Joel Turner, Bow building and tuning with my Archery Coach Josh Jones, plus all the elk and fitness knowledge you'd expect.  Be on the lookout for registration in the late fall of 2023!

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