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Day 1... Left my house Saturday night at 11:30pm, and drove nonstop until I hit the trailhead on Sunday at 6pm. 1,200 miles. Loaded up all my gear for a 5 day backpack hunt. I shot my bow and immediately was concerned. Somehow it was not shooting bullet holes. I could see my arrow whipping and I was not able to group well. This was cause for panic, so instead of hiking up the mountain I shot for about an hour and half. I ended up adjusting my rest which I hate to do. I could get better arrow flight,...

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My bowhunting season has officially kicked off with a High Country Mule Deer hunt in the great state of Nevada! Here's my Nutrition (daily) on an 8 day backpack hunt: PRO BAR, 3oz, 11g protein, 380 calories, 123 calories/oz JACK'S LINKS, 1.2 oz, 8g protein, 140 calories, 116 calories/oz MOUNTAIN BAR, 1.6 oz, 3g protein, 200 calories, 125 calories/oz NATURE VALLEY, 1.5 oz, 3g protein, 190 calories, 125 calories/oz FIG NEWTON, 2 oz, 1g protein, 200 calories, 100 calories/oz TRAIL MIX, 6oz, 20g protein, 700 calories, 116 calories/oz PURE PRO BAR, 1.7oz, 20g protein, 180 calories, 102 calories/oz MTN HOUSE,...

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Monday August 1st, 2016 Woke up sick as a dog, flu like crap. Had a fever, didn't train, BUT made it to the archery range and spent two hours dialing in my new Carbon Defiant Turbo! This rig is ridiculous and I am going to use this set-up for Nevada High Country Mule Deer. It's faster, and is a single pin slider which is perfect for spot and stalk mule deer. I am going to use a Tight Spot 5 arrow detachable quiver and possibly use mechanicals to extend my distances. Let me be clear, on elk I'm sticking with...

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