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15.5 Strategy

15.5 Strategy
Did the last open wod today #15point5 and it was as advertised | Power + Engine 27-21-15-9 reps for time of: Row (calories) Thrusters M 95 lb. F 65 lb. My Time was 7:49 I went unbroken on all the thrusters...If I were to repeat on Monday I guess I would gamble on rowing harder, but damn that was brutal. Bulldog Tips: 1. During warm-up mess with the damper setting to see where you get the most bang for you buck IE 1 calorie per stroke. 2. Plan on rowing sub max effort (80-90%) around 60-90 seconds for the first two rounds... then go for it somewhere in the 15's. 3. Be extra smooth and fast when it comes to transition between movements... I never reward rest in transition, so go right into the next movement, you will pass a lot of people with this basic advice. 4. Cascade your thrusters or go unbroken, either way have a plan A and a plan B. a. 27 = 10-9-8 or Unbroken b. 21 = 8+7+6 or Unbroken c. 15 = 6+5+4 or Unbroken d. 9 = Unbroken!!!!!!! Good Luck to everyone, I'm going shed hunting this weekend and will keep an eye out for any bears. The season is 2 weeks out. Here's a video to keep you on your toes for the 2015 spring bear season.

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