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2015 Open Finished

2015 Open Finished
Yes, a little bruised EGO in 2015. I can't control the programming, some of the programming might have not been fair, but at the end of the day, life isn't fair. I have some power issues, and I need to address this chink in my armor. Here's how I finished in the NW Region individually...note that I never planned on going individual this year, so most of the Open workouts for me were one and done: Week 1 = 16th, 205th Week 2 = 15th week 3 = 17th week 4 =78th week 5 = 178th 38th Place in the NorthWest Region (my worst ever finish, nobody cares, work harder). Our team is top 5, and will probably wash out into 2nd or 3rd. We are legit and have a great shot of returning to the CrossFit Games in 2015! Training Today 1. Warm-up 3 Slow Rounds 15 Empty bar thrusters 15 GHD sit-ups 2. Gymnastics Test 5 Rounds Run 200m 6 Muscle-ups 7:17 3. Max Effort Camber Bar Box Back Squats with Chains (worked up to a heavy single) #275 plus #80 chains 12" Box 4. Find your 5RM deadlift – No bounce* #335 2x5 5. 2 Rounds For Time: 30 Wall Ball Shots #30 20 Cal Row 10 Strict HSPU 8:00 This is how I choose to get ready for elk hunting. I train to compete at CrossFit by doing CrossFit. I still shoot my bow daily, hike with weight on my back on the weekends, but mainly I do competitive exercising to make myself fit and mentally strong. This is how Elk Hunting Fitness is done for me. This is not for everyone. If you don't have experience weightlifting and/or powerlifting... you probably shouldn't do CrossFit without a really qualified coach. Hunters looking for training for hunters, go check out Train To Hunt.

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It is obvious you have no intention of giving up hunting on public land as your YouTube blurb suggested. It was just to get folks to look at your hustle as one of your other clips was aptly named. I find trail cams creepy, intrusive, and a definite indicator of poor sportsmanship. Why don’t you try hunting instead of hiking. I’m sick at the thought of multiple cameras invading my privacy. Cams give the anti hunters another reason to close down hunting. Why don’t you just try to hunt?

Dave Pettegrew ,

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