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DIY Spring Bear Hunting

DIY Spring Bear Hunting
Well it is that time of the year, time for spring bears. I used to be an avid turkey hunter in the spring, until I started bear hunting. Then I left the small game for big game adventure in the mountains. I really believe that bears are a renewable resource, they are extremely proficient at breeding and reproducing. So it is a big deal to keep their numbers managed, bears are responsible for many many many many elk calves and deer fawns not living much past a week. To no fault of their own really, bears mate in the late spring when babies get dropped. Big male bears (boars) roam the ridges with their nose in the air looking for love, along the way they run into an elk calf hiding in the grass... game over! So we as hunters and sportsmen, who actually spend a shit load of money on hunting and thus pay for almost all wildlife management, need to also do our best to get out there and hunt these bears. I have a tag for Washington state, which is funny because I had to draw it which took like 3 or 4 years. In reality, Washington spring bear should be over the counter as the state boasts a ridiculous amount of bears, just like tree hugging California. It's so bad, but this state is dominated by Seattle coasties so you can guarantee that you will never have a normal spring bear season, be able to bait, or run hounds. I digress, I also have 2 tags for Idaho Spring bear...I'm going to be busy hunting bears in God's country. Here's a video on how to get started on baiting bears if you are ever able to do this in Idaho...

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