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Disclaimer: Everything that I do is only what I do. The training, the shooting, the nutrition... it's my deal. Read, watch, and make your own decisions. You can try my style or take bits and pieces...or go the opposite direction. Regardless, thanks for checking out what I do and the products that I use. Keep that needle moving in the right direction! Announcement: I have decided to part ways with MR and signed on with EXO MOUNTAIN GEAR. I had an opportunity to try out their pack first to see for myself which is critical. I am really looking forward...

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Yes, a little bruised EGO in 2015. I can't control the programming, some of the programming might have not been fair, but at the end of the day, life isn't fair. I have some power issues, and I need to address this chink in my armor. Here's how I finished in the NW Region individually...note that I never planned on going individual this year, so most of the Open workouts for me were one and done: Week 1 = 16th, 205th Week 2 = 15th week 3 = 17th week 4 =78th week 5 = 178th 38th Place in the...

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