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Monday 2/18/19 EMOM 8: 2 Clean & Jerks Climbing | ended at 225# Front Squats 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 Climbing | ended at 300# AMRAP 8: Clean & Jerks 170# | 41 reps 5 Rounds NOT for time: 5 Step-ups per leg 20" Box, 95# Barbell 8 Lunges per leg with 35#'s Dumbbells 5 GHD Raises 15 GHD Sit-ups Tuesday 2/19/190 Turkish Get-ups, 3 each side at these loads: 26#,35,44,53 Squat Snatch Singles Heavy but no misses | 175# For Time: 150 Calorie Row 120 Wall Ball Shots 20# 10' Target 90 Bar Facing Burpees 60 Sandbag Cleans 50# 30 alternating 1 arm...

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Monday 2/4/2019 This week started off kinda crazy with a phone call I've been waiting for... a very long time in fact! I have been reaching out to local mountain lion outfitters in northern Idaho trying to strike up a deal where I could come hunt a cat on short notice rather than pay for a full week of cat hunting. After about 3 years of hustling I finally got the call that a big cat was found and no clients were to be found... I was just the guy. Here's the entire hunt: Tuesday 2/5/2019 10 Minute AMRAP (as...

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Monday 1/21/19 Stamina Squatting: 64% of 1rm Front Squat (225#) EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 12 minutes... ODD x3 front squats plus :30s dBall hold 150#, EVEN: x6 back squats Conditioning: 15 minute amrap w/partner: 5 minutes of 35 cal row + as many plate ground to overhead in remaining time | 102 reps 45# plate, right into 5 minutes of 35 cal assault bike + as many DB snatches alternating 50# | 84 reps, right into 5 minutes of 35 burpees + as many calories on ski erg | 53 cals Midline: Partner GHD Sit-ups1 10# med...

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Monday 1/14/19 8 rep heavy back squat | 275#, then 2x8 at 90% of that number 250# 8 rep heavy push press | 145#, then 2x8 at 90% of that number 130# 4x5 per leg box step-ups with 2 sec eccentric, 20" box, 95# 5 rounds for time: 4 muscle ups, 12 cleans 115#, 36 dubz | 9:26 Reverse Hyper 3x20 110# & 3x6 GHD Raises Tuesday 1/15/19 3 Position power snatch (floor, knee, hip) EMOM 10 | 135# Interval Training: Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds: 10 calorie assault bike + 10 calorie ski erg | 1:02 -1:03 splits...

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Apparently I only trained three days this week. I was in Louisville, KY for the ATA show and traveling messed up my program. Regardless, the days I did train, I put in the work. I have a lot of videos embedded on this post so you can follow along my journey this week. Big things happening for ElkShape in 2019. Monday 1/7/19 Box Squat Triples with 80# Chains, 12" Box, 6 sets, 225# 20" Box Step Ups with 115# Barbell 3 sets of 5 reps per leg "Chad" 1,000 step-ups for time with 45# pack | 59:45 Tuesday 1/8/19 Crossover...

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