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Kenetrek Garage Gym Workout

Kenetrek Garage Gym Workout
Kenetrek Garage Workout -Dan Staton Decisions that pertain to working out need to run through your elk hunting filter. The garage gym is a dark and cold destination, but so is the mountain. You don’t feel like working out but rarely will you ever. Do it anyway. The more we do things that we don’t particularly want to, the stronger we become between the ears. There is no substitute for a strong mental game when it comes to hunting and here’s your opportunity to do something in the name of better elk hunting. Two pieces of equipment needed: A 24” box is recommended, but you can also use a block target or stairs. Then you can use a pair of dumbbells, your hunting backpack or sandbag. Start a clock that countdowns from sixteen minutes. In that time domain perform as many reps or rounds of the following ascending workout: 2 Devil Presses + 2 Box Step-ups, 4 Devil Presses + 4 Box Step-ups, 6 Devil Presses + 6 Box Step-ups, 8 Devil Presses + 8 Box Step-ups, …10,10, 12,12… Devil Press: For the devil press the dumbbells start on the ground. You will perform a push up (touch the chest at the bottom – lock out at the top) with the hands on the bells! From here – you will step or jump the feet in. Pick the dumbbells up off of the ground (we suggest between the feet) with a flat back, heels down, bent knees, straight arms. Then you will perform a kind of combo db clean and jerk/swing/snatch motion (one fluid movement) to get the dumbbells locked out overhead with the biceps by the ears. Keep the belly tight! Keep good positions – heels down and chest up – as you lower the weight back to the ground for the next rep. If you don’t have matching dumbbells you may sub plate burpees or sandbag. Box Step-ups: Start by placing one foot on top of the box making sure the entire foot is making contact with the surface. Pull your body up through the heel of the foot that is up on the box.Lower your yourself back down to the floor with full control. Keep track of your reps in case you use this workout as a baseline to test later on as your fitness improves. Here’s a LINK to the video version of this workout . If you’re interested in learning more about the ElkShape Lifestyle check out our website, YouTube Channel or Podcast.

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