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Week 28 | 2019

Week 28 | 2019

Training Journal - again, this is a FREE resource for anyone wanting to dig deeper for training ideas or sneak a peak at what I am doing to stay ready for elk season 365 days a year.

Just over 40 days until we strap on our boots and head out to grocery shop for the rest of the year in the elk mountains.  This time of year is busy with distractions, so carving out some time each day to break a sweat will not be convenient... do it anyway.  Every unwanted pound you can shed will only aid you in your endeavor.  Here's a few ideas to incorporate in the weeks leading up to archery elk season:

  • Shoot your bow everyday with your bino harness and backpack on
  • Break a sweat every day regardless if its only 15 minutes
  • Prepare some backcountry food items ahead of time to expand your food options
  • Broadhead tune - don't be the guy taking his bow into the archery shop the last week of August, go ahead and verify your field point and broadhead flight now
  • Last minute e-scouting - learn the ins and outs of google earth and KLM files.  Add layers to google earth and screen record a few aerial fly overs that you can save to your phone before you head to the field

Here's a workout for you to try in your garage.  We call it Elk Parking - we park our trucks outside because our garage gym takes up all available room, here's the workout to try in your garage.  

 Monday 7/8/19 - Scouting Day:

Not sure miles or elevation, but I used the eBike to check 2 cameras, put out a mock scrape and then went to my other spot.  I road in and pulled my ground blind out, put up a tree-stand and ladders, set two cameras for deer, and added some minerals.

Tuesday 7/9/19 

Power Cleans Triples 12x3 | ended at 205#

Deadlifts 5x5 255#

For time:

10 Kettlebell 1 arm hang snatches each arm + 10 cals on bike.  

12 Kettlebell 1 arm hang snatches each arm + 10 cals on bike.

14 Kettlebell 1 arm hang snatches each arm + 10 cals on bike.

16 Kettlebell 1 arm hang snatches each arm + 10 cals on bike.

18 Kettlebell 1 arm hang snatches each arm + 10 cals on bike.

20 Kettlebell 1 arm hang snatches each arm + 10 cals on bike. | 10:20

Cool Down: Xover Symmetry - Reverse Flys x10, ATYT x10, Snow Angels x10, Victory Y's x10

Wedesday 7/10/19

EMOM (every minute on the minute)

ODD: max cals ski erg EVEN: max cals on bike, no rest in transition | 132 cals on ski erg, 120 cals bike

Thursday 7/11/19

Warm-up: 3 rounds not for time - 5 Dball 100# ground to over 7' bar, 1 arm DB Bench x10 each arm 70#, reverse hypers 70# x15

2 Rounds for time: 30 dubz, 20 burpees, 30 toes to baar, 20 hand release push-ups, 30 cals row | 13:00

Friday 7/12/19

For time: 

10 step-ups total, 40# pack + 1 pull-up 40# pack

11 step-ups total, 40# pack + 2 pull-ups 40# pack

12 step-ups total, 40# pack + 3 pull-ups 40# pack

13 step-ups total, 40# pack + 4 pull-ups 40# pack

14 step-ups total, 40# pack + 5 pull-ups 40# pack

15 step-ups total, 40# pack + 6 pull-ups 40# pack

16 step-ups total, 40# pack + 7 pull-ups 40# pack

17 step-ups total, 40# pack + 8 pull-ups 40# pack

18 step-ups total, 40# pack + 9 pull-ups 40# pack

19 step-ups total, 40# pack + 10 pull-ups 40# pack

20 step-ups total, 40# pack | 20:00



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