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Week 29 | 2019

Week 29 | 2019

Here's the training from this week - I'll be real upfront here, I only trained in the gym three sessions but I got some killer hikes in and really got myself used to gaining steep Idaho elevation with a pack on.  Next week I have a family camping trip planned so I'm really going to have to step it up outside the gym - shouldn't be a problem!

Monday 7/15/19

3 Position Power Clean & Jerk (3 total jerks), 7 sets | Ended at 195#

Fight Gone Bad: 3 rounds of 1 minute at each station:

Wall Ball Shots, Sumo Deadlift to Highpulls, Box Jumps 20", Push Press, Row (calories), Rest | 375 reps *not a PR but a good measuring stick to see where conditioning is at.

Tuesday 7/16/19

Warm-Up: 5 rounds of 175' of 1 arm KB Overhead Walk 53#, 175' dBall bear hug carry 100#, hollow rocks x15

3 Minute AMRAP x3, rest :60s after round 1, and rest :30s after round 2:

KB Step-Ups Front Rack 35#'s, Pull-ups x15, Push Press KB's 35#'s, remaining time max calories on ski erg

Round 1 - 18 cals, Round 2 - 20 cals, Round 3 - 17 cals

Wednesday 7/17/19

Warm-Up: 4 rounds of :30s shuttle runs 20m, 5 broad jumps, :30 walking lunges, 25' handstand walks

5 Rounds, EMOM switch stations:

Bench 185# x5, Yoke Carry 385# 30m, Deadlift 275# x5, Prowler 155# 60m (add 30m each round)

Saturday 7/18/19 

12 miles backpacking


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