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Leaving for AZ Late Season Archery Elk

Leaving for AZ Late Season Archery Elk
Monday 11/9/2015 Started getting all my gear organized for the road trip to AZ. Arrows are built, both bows are dialed, and all my camping gear is just about ready. 1. Snatch Every :20 for 3 minutes complete 1 heavy Squat Snatch, across #175,175,175,175,175,155,155,155,155,155 2. Clean and Jerk A. Work up to a heavy single Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk #185,205,225,235,250,250 B. Split Jerk Doubles off blocks #225,225,245 3. Back Squat 3×10 #235,265,280 4. Conditioning: EMOMx15 (Every minute on the minute) Min 1: 21/18 Calorie Row Min 2: 18/15 Calories Bike Min 3: 15/12 Calories Ski Erg Min 4: 200m Run Min 5: Rest Tuesday 11/10/2015 Studied maps this morning, Google earth, and talked to one of my new buddies from Instagram aka @trent_off_the_grid and he is planning on joining us on the hunt at some point to help glass for big ol bulls. 1. Conditioning: 7 RFT: 7 Power cleans, 95/65 7 Thrusters, 95/65 7 bar-facing burpees 7:54 - this one hurts!!! 2. Conditioning 2,000 Row 200 Double unders 200m Walking Lunges 14:24 3. MidLine Conditioning 75 GHDSU (glute hamstring developer sit-ups) 3:48 Went to the range and shot 3D Elk Targets!! Wednesday 11/11/15 THANK YOU ALL VETERANS. Pulled one of my cameras out of Idaho today, not going to hunt Idaho but definitely found a good buck. [caption id="attachment_11699" align="alignnone" width="300"]M2E1L0-9R350B300 Almost Shooter[/caption] 3 Wise Men Tribute WOD:“Jeremy” 4 min AMRAP 5 Hang Squat Snatches (Rx+ = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs) 10 Burpees Over the Bar rest 2 mins “Ben” 4 min AMRAP 10 Power Cleans (Rx+ = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs) 20 Pull Ups rest 2 mins “Beau” 4 min AMRAP 15 Box jump Overs (Rx+ & RX = 24”/20”; Scaled – 24”/20” Step-Overs Allowed) 30 Wall Ball Shots (Rx+ & RX = 20/14 lbs; Scaled – 14/10 lbs) RX 239 reps. Thursday 11/12/2015 Cleaned the house top to bottom for my sick wife. I hope she feels better and that I don't come down with this stuff before we leave tomorrow for AZ. I packed new batteries to my mountain buck trail cameras, had those cameras soaking for about 3 months now. Looking forward to hunting whitetail when I get back from AZ. Strength Establish 1RM Strict Press, then 3×3 @80% #160 and #130 Weightlifting EMOM for 7 minutes: 3 position Clean (hip, knee, floor) *climbing #165,185,195,205,215,225,245 Conditioning “Wodapalooza” 1,000m Row 30 Clean and Jerks Rx+=155 100 DUBZ 9:56 Friday 11/13/2015 - Today is opening day of my late season Arizona elk tag. I am leaving town tonight when my buddy Jason gets off work, hate to miss the opener, but we all have bills to pay first. Hoping for great weather, lots of big bulls, and a couple of bloody arrows... we both have tags!

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