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Final Prep for Arizona

Final Prep for Arizona

Monday 11/2/2015
Well I went to the range yesterday and broke 5 arrows (my entire quiver) with some mechanical breakdown. My dog stood on my bow case and I believe made my limb driven rest become loose and so I was not getting full arrow rest elevation. It took me way too long to figure this out... so Wednesday I will go to the shop and tighten it down and get it dialed. Meanwhile, I got my backup bow dialed with broadheads, a new site tape, and a 5 pin Montana Black Gold sight with slider out to 100 yards. The broadheads and field points are hitting at the same point and I tested this out to 82 yards. Confidence is everything.
1. Work up to a heavy double snatch #195
2. 3x6 Back squats #225x6, 275x6, 295x6, 305x3 (failed)
3. 20 minute AMRAP: aka The Open Test
50 wall ball shots #20 to 10' target
50 dubz
40 box jumps 24"
40 toes to bar
30 chest to bar pull-ups
30 burpess to target
20 cleans #145
20 shoulder to overhead #145
10 power snatches #145
10 muscle ups
1 round + 19 wall balls

Tuesday 11/3/2015
Studied, booked my trip to the 2016 ATA show, this will be my 9th show I believe. Ordered elk shape business cards, built 12 arrows, and headed to the gym...
1. EMOM for 10 Minutes 1 Squat Clean #210,225,235, 245, 255, 260 miss???, 255, 257, 260, 265
2. EMOM for 14 Minutes
Odd: max calories on Assault Bike 14,16,17,20,17,18,19
Even: 3 rep Flat Bench #70 Dumbbells
3. 5 Rounds For Time:
7 Deadlifts #275
30 Air Squats
20' HS Walk to wall
7 Strict HSPU
20' HS walk from wall

Wednesday 11/4/2015
Scheduled Rest day, really sore today man! I went to the archery shop and looked at my bow and upon further inspection my rest was good to go, rather I had a few loose allen bolts on my slider and so my housing had become very loose. We tightened up the site and made a few shots inside the shop and was back in action. My field points and broadheads were touching each other at 20 yards. Game back on!

Thursday 11/5/2015
1. Snatch...
A. OHS, quickly work up to a heavy single #235
B. Snatch Balance, quickly work up to a heavy single #205
C. Hang Squat Snatch, quickly work up to a heavy single #185

2. Squat
2×2 Front Squat, nothing too crazy #265,285

3. Conditioning
Complete the following for time:
2 RFT:
3 Hang Power Clean, 205/145
9 Muscle ups
Rest 1 minute (change weights)
2 RFT:
6 Hang Power Clean, 185/125
6 Muscle ups
Rest 1 minute (change weights)
2 RFT:
9 Hang Power Clean, 135/95
3 Muscle ups
Built 24 arrows - VAPs 300 spine, bohning arrow wraps and blazer veins, Cut at 26" at home, and then put the steal outserts for amazing front of center!!!

Friday 11/6/2015
1. 3 Rounds For time:
10 Thrusters #155
15 cal Assault Bike
20 cal row

2. For Time:
25 Alternating Kettlebell Snatches #70
100 Dubz
20 Alternating KB Snatches
100 Dubz
10 Alternating KB Snatches
100 Dubz

This weekend I'm heading to Seattle for a Level 1 Certification Course thorugh CrossFit, my cert expires early 2016 so I figured I would get it done now. I've been CF Certified since 2007, I hate going to the West (WET) side of Washington with all the"coasties."

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