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Monday 11/9/2015 Started getting all my gear organized for the road trip to AZ. Arrows are built, both bows are dialed, and all my camping gear is just about ready. 1. Snatch Every :20 for 3 minutes complete 1 heavy Squat Snatch, across #175,175,175,175,175,155,155,155,155,155 2. Clean and Jerk A. Work up to a heavy single Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk #185,205,225,235,250,250 B. Split Jerk Doubles off blocks #225,225,245 3. Back Squat 3×10 #235,265,280 4. Conditioning: EMOMx15 (Every minute on the minute) Min 1: 21/18 Calorie Row Min 2: 18/15 Calories Bike Min 3: 15/12 Calories Ski Erg Min...

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