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Here's a snapshot of my preparation for elk hunting season.  These are free workouts that anyone can do regardless of their fitness level.

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Hey if you're reading this then you probably creep on my training journal - thank you!  I have been pretty off track on training, due to bear season and a few extended bear hunts.  So now that I'm done with that for the season, I have picked up where I left off.  Always feel free to email me if you have any questions on the programming or want to let me know you're doing some of the pieces!  ElkShape@gmail.com   Monday 6/10/19 1. Back Squat 155#x10, 205#x8, 235#x6, 255#x4, 275#x2 2. 16 minute AMRAP: 2,4,6,8...etc... Devil Presses & DB Step-ups...

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Monday 5/14/2018 1. Front Squat 3 reps right into Back Squat 3 reps | 185#,205,225,245,265 HS Walk Obstacle Course b/t sets 2. Yoke Carry 60m 220# + 185# Yoke, 3 Sets, rest as needed 3. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 For Time: Clean and Jerk 115# Double Unders | 9:36 Tuesday 5/15/2018 1. Snatch Pull + Squat Snatch | 135#,155,175,185,195 2. 3 Rounds for time: 9 Ring muscle ups HS Walk Obstacle Course **10 strict HSPU if you fail course, 2 attempts 20 pistols HS Walk Obstacle Course Rest 2 minutes | 3:06, 3:13, 3:41 3. 2 Rounds Not for time: 200m Sled Drag...

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Ok, so my mini-spring break is over and it's back to the grindstone. I really love the mountains and arranging my life so I can be in them is extremely apparent to me. This last week really taught me that I need to find more balance in my training schedule. I'll admit, I've been training so hard that my body is sort of rejecting the volume lately and my shooting has taken a back seat. So I've had to recalibrate my thinking and go back to my old man workout splits: Train on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday... and resting/shooting...

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Monday June 29th 2015 AM Session 1. Establish a heavy clean - made it up to #255, joints were saying no go 2. Double Front Squats + Jerk - #225-255 PM Session 1. EMOMx15 1 Power Snatch + Squat Snatch + OHS Heaviest I went was #155 2. Strength 2×10 Front Squats #205 3. Conditioning ” Jackie” 1k Row 50 Thrusters #45/35 30 pull-ups - 6:13 - slow on the row! Did not shoot a single arrow today, I apologize! Tuesday June 30th 2015 1. Power Snatch+Hang Full Snatch+Full Snatch+OHS - Made it up to #175, still have a ways...

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