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Week 32 | 2019

Week 32 | 2019

Monday 8/5/19

Back Squats: 6x8 working up in weight, finished at 295#

5 Rounds for time: 45# Pack, 12 reverse lunges + 12 step-ups 24" box | 6:44

Tuesday 8/6/19

100 Power Cleans for time 155#, interruptions every minute on the minute:

Odd: 3 strict handstand push-ups

Even: 5 toes to bar | 13:57

Wednesday 8/7/19

Warm-up: 3 rounds of Right Arm overhead kettlebell carry 100', Left Arm 100', Barbell overhead walk 100'

Overhead Squat EMOM 10 (every minute on the minute) with 10 sec pause in the bottom, 95#

21-15-9 for time: Overhead Squat 45#, GHD Sit-ups, Row Cal | 7:14

Buy-Out: 50 cal Ski Erg (performed immediately after triplet) | 3:07

Thursday 8/8/19 - Rest Day

Friday 8/9/19

Tabata - 0:20s work, 0:10s rest, 8 rounds.  Rest 1 minute b/t movements:

Assault Bike Cals - 44

Ring Dips - 56

Assault Bike Cals - 56

Pull-ups - 51

Assault Bike Cals - 49

Push-ups (hand release) - 76

Saturday 8/10/19

Load of Tamarack firewood for the house...did it solo and it was muggy out so I got my sweat on and by the way, this is my all time favorite form of exercise. 

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Hey I hit you all up in messager. And checked you all out on Facebook. watched a few videos on YouTube. Joined and liked a few.. hope it helps.. the message in messager if someone can look at that and let me know . What you all think.. Trying to build myself up. You’ll know what I mean after you read that message on messenger. Well y’all I’m off like a prom dress!

Sam Horowitz,

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