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Monday November 3rd

Monday November 3rd

As you read this, make sure you get out there vote!

#elkshape is simply my workout and hunting journal, if you want to try some of the workouts feel free, if you want to try another good program, look up train to hunt with my buddy Kenton. He and I started it up back 2010, and since 2013 he's the man there now, running the show and changing the game. My workouts aren't training for hunting, I'm training to compete at CrossFit, luckily, the results seem to transfer to the field pretty damn well. Actually, I think CrossFit is often harder than backcountry bowhunting.

I have a invitational competition coming up in January that will have me busting hump to compete with the young guns. You must have something on the calendar to prepare for or you will lose motivation and slip up on discipline. Find something to work towards and never lose sight.

3 Rounds
10 Burpees to target
Max Effort L-sit hanging from Pull-up Bar

Olympic Lifting
Low Hang Clean 5×3 @70% #205
(Clean and Jerk the third rep) Drop each rep and do a technically sound clean deadlift back to the hang before dropping down to the low hang. The 70% is based off your low hang pause clean max, not your clean max.

Power Snatch x2 + Snatch Grip Press (behind neck) x2 + OHS x2
3 sets at heaviest weight #115 (my press is weak sauce)

Snatch Deadlift (deficit) + Full Snatch (Deficit)
#135,145,155,165,175,185, 195 fail

Snatch Grip Deadlifts (Deficit) 5x3 #225

“Helen” + “Isabel” for time:
3 rounds of
400m Run
21 kettlebell swings #70
12 pull-ups...
Then 30 snatches #135

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