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Saturday November 1st

Saturday November 1st
November is finally here. I totally get sucked into whitetail mode this time of year. I have a deer tag for Idaho and WA, so should be able to get some good hunts in up in a tree. Whitetails are super tricky buggers, they are on high alert and getting a mature buck on public land is truly a worthy challenge to pursue. Here's a little video from this afternoon: Today's workout: 1) Muscle Snatch + Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS 2+2+2, 3 sets at heaviest weight #145 2) Slow Snatch Deadlift + Slow Full Snatch #155 3) Conditioning 1K Row - 3:31 rest 2 min 750m Row - 2:38 rest 2 min 500m Row - 1:49 rest 2 min 250m Row - 0:48 Cambered Bar Box Back Squats #275 5x2

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