Tuesday November 4th

Tuesday November 4th

Today was a great day. Got a lot done around the house, hung out with the family before work, shot my bow before classes started at the box. Here's today's workout:

Warm-Up WOD
Run 200m
4 Unbroken Muscle Ups
Run 200m
6 Unbroken Muscle Ups
Run 200m
8 Unbroken Muscle Ups

EMOM switch stations
1. Overhead Squat 6×3 @ 60-80% #135,165,175,185,195,205
2. Strict Press 6×3 110,115,120,125,130,135
3. Bulgarian Split Squat 6×5-5 #50's

5 Rounds For Time:
12 Strict HSPU
10 Deadlift 275 lbs
50 Double-unders

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