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Dial Broadheads Early

Dial Broadheads Early
My weekend was pretty lame duck - didn't get out to the mountains, stayed home in Spokane and kicked it with Mrs. Staton and looked at houses to buy...we're moving to the valley. Today though, was much more of what I call the grind towards elk hunting season. I wanted to dial my broadheads in early, I mean way early. I was able to get out to Spokane Valley Archery in the morning with light winds and dial in broadheads. I used 40 and 80 yard targets. My first 3 arrows at 40 yards were looking good as far as up and down, but were grouping about 2-3 inches to the right. I moved my rest away from my riser one very tiny micro adjustment and was able to put my arrows closer to the bullseye. My groups at 80 yards were tight and I actually broke a nock from tight broadhead grouping. 7 days out until the opener of bear season and I know just where to look for spot and stalk spring bears in Idaho. Can't wait. broadhead_dial3 First shot at 80 yards after making 1 small adjustment to the rest. The first shot is the most important shot of the day. Today's workout was working around a wrist that is about 70% and a shoulder that pretty much hates me. I strained my teres minor doing way too many muscle-ups in a workout (I did like 100 over the course of two days) so it's going to take a few weeks to heal up if I stay diligent. I am still icing quite a bit and rolling on a lacrosse ball about 7-8 times a day. Here's a great video on stretching the shoulder for any archer or athlete to view. EMOM for 10 minutes ODD: Back Squat Box (12") #185 + #80 chains (start at 3 reps and add 1 rep every round). 3,4,5,6,7 = 25 reps EVEN: Double Russian Kettlebell Swings #44 in each hand (start with 5 reps and add 2 reps each round). 5,7,9,11,13 = 45 reps Rogue Dog Sled (Sled weighs #100 + an extra #90 making it #190) 8 Rounds: 25 yards down, 25 yards back, rest 1 minute

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