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This was a great bear season. I hunted a total of 7 days spread out through May and June 2016. Most of the hunts were spot and stalk, I never sat a tree stand. I saw a total of 11 different bears in person, passed on 2 bears under 30 yards. I did miss one bear at 28 yards, but that was better than wounding a bear. The next bear I finally shot was a dandy, but I ran out of blood after trailing him for 500 yards in the dark until 1am. I made a quartering away shot at...

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Monday June 13th, 2016 Wanted to say Happy Birthday to my lovely mother! You are beautiful!!! 1. Snatch Singles: #175,185,195,205,210 2. Snatch High Pulls: 5x2 #230 Across 3. Back Squat 5x2 #275,295,300,300,300 4. 1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean EMOM for 6 Minutes | #185,215,225,235,245,245 5. Conditioning, every 5 minutes perform a round of the following for 4 rounds: 10 Deadlifts #275 400m Run 10 unbroken Muscle Ups | 3:34, 2:57, 3:00, 2:49 Tuesday June 14th, 2016 1. Skill Warm-up 15 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) 20 Pistols 30' HS Walk 10 Strict Pull-ups 20'HS Walk 10...

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Here's the video from the first bear I was able to harvest, some of the best footage for me personally to date: 06/19/2014 1. Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk #205,215,225,235, 245 missed the push jerk 2. Back Squat 1x6 #255 70% 1x6 #275 75% 1x6 #290 80% 2x4 #315 85% 2. 21-15-9-6-3 For Time: Strict HSPU Pull-Ups Burpees 11:10

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My weekend was pretty lame duck - didn't get out to the mountains, stayed home in Spokane and kicked it with Mrs. Staton and looked at houses to buy...we're moving to the valley. Today though, was much more of what I call the grind towards elk hunting season. I wanted to dial my broadheads in early, I mean way early. I was able to get out to Spokane Valley Archery in the morning with light winds and dial in broadheads. I used 40 and 80 yard targets. My first 3 arrows at 40 yards were looking good as far as...

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