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Today I am going swimming for active recovery - this stubborn sumbitch is going to get good at swimming one way or another. 1/25/15 Did team workout prep - we have a comp coming up in 1 week, hoping to win the damn thing! I hit a #205 snatch pretty easy and with no pain, looks like I am about 100%. 1/26/15 Warm-Up / Open Prep 75 Bar Facing Burpees For Time - 4:25 Olympic Lifting Split Jerk 6×2 @85-95% Drop and reset each rep on blocks. Start at 85% and climb only if smooth. #275 Strength Find a new 5RM back squat in 1 attempt #320 (not a PR) Met-Con 3 Rounds 15 Calories Row 10 Front Squats 185/115lbs REST 1 MINUTE… THEN… 3 Rounds 16 pistols (Rx PLUS)#35/20 KB 12 Box Jumps 24/20” (Rx PLUS) 30/24″ 8 Hang Power Cleans 115/75(Rx PLUS) 155/105lbs Rest 1 Minute 14:11 Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.05.19 AM Mtn Ops - Legit - Legit - Legit I made the switch, you should too. 1/27/15 Olympic Lifting Squat Snatch 4×4 @70-80% Drop and reset each rep. Start at 70% and climb only if smooth. #165,165,170,175 Strength Work up to a heavy squat clean + front squat - #270 Then EMOM for 10 Minutes Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats @80% of the weight you worked up to #225 Met-Con All for time: 30 Back Squats 185/125 Rx or 225/155lbs (From rack) Rx PLUS Run 400m 15 Shoulder to OH 185/125 or 225/155lbs (From ground) 5:29 #185

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