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Last weekend we competed in a team competition and got 1st place... no big deal. That was my third competition in the month of January, I learned a lot. We have the best line-up for a team that we've ever had, it's scary, the sky is the limit. Our Goal is the 2015 CrossFit Games. For a while, I was starting to doubt myself. My lifts and times were starting to suck, maybe I was getting older. Well, that part is probably true, but I am still a competitor, I can do things out there that I cannot do in practice or training. Competition for me is a way to harness an edge when it's go time. Same can be said for the way I hunt... If I notice there's more competition moving in on the same animals that I'm hunting, I step my game up to a new level that cannot be achieved without said competition. Use competition as fuel for your fire. From the weekend: (1) For time: 1K Row (damper at 10) + 30 Thrusters #95 + 30 Chest to Bars 5:51. (2) 1 rep max: Snatch...#215 (tied my old PR) and Clean & Jerk...#285 (tied my old PR) 10377612_10153066081709137_6434323060806514451_n11719_10153066080964137_609592011147647063_n10929568_10153066081934137_5037098646111038547_n (3) 20 burpee box jumps 30" + 20 KBS #70 + Max Effort Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups - 23 reps (PR) 10929163_10153066080729137_2218106366394307010_n (4) 50' HS Walks + 30 Pistols (alternating) + 50' HS Walks + 100 Dubs (not sure time, went unbroken). Pictured is my wife and I doing HS Walks together in the competition, really cool to have a total bad ass wife. 10954558_10153066080304137_742190339501692097_n 02/02/2015 Today's Training: 1. 8min AMRAP 10 Front Squats #135 + 40 Dubz = 6 Rounds + 41 reps 2. EMOM until failure #225 Deadlift x7 + 10 TTB (add 2 TTB each round) I made it through 4 rounds + deads + 9 TTB 3. 3 Rounds of: 100m shuttle run + 12 burpee box jump overs + :30s rest 6:45 Lastly, MANY folks have asked me what my thoughts are on MTN OPS via text, email, and Facebook messages... I would keep my response to this: I have studied bioenergetics, physiology, and nutrition at a graduate level. Don't take supplements in conjunction with a total dog shit diet. Meaning, don't put on your tie first, and then your shirt. Clean up your nutrition, eat whole foods, do meal prep weekly, and once you've created some solid habits, then look into some performance nutrition supplementation. I was with Wilderness Athlete for several years, love their stuff by the way. BUT, for the most part, I only took 1 or 2 of their products for a couple weeks out of the year on top of the mountain. MTN OPS has an entire line-up that I can take year round for better results. So ya, I'm sold and all in with MTN OPS. I take their daily multi-v, Phenix for recovery pre/post workouts ... and before bed. OX is another great product for dudes in their 30's or older that are looking for an edge. I really like the AMMO protein meal replacement. It's gluten free, once opened you keep in the fridge...and no artificial sweeteners. Yeti is super freaky potent pre-workout and if you're like me, you don't need that strong of a pre-workout supplement. SO you can take their ENDURO which has Long Lasting Nitric Oxide Boost and Unmatched L-Citrulline which is a very useful Amino Acid involved in vasodilation. Bottom line, the company is made of young bad ass hunters who are excited as I am to promote hunters as athletes...athletes that need top tier nutrition, training, and supplementation to gain an advantage in the backcountry. I'm impressed with MTN OPS and stand behind their brand. MTN OPS PRODUCT LINE UP 10560573_1514671955413042_6995050335228792303_o

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