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Banzai Run

Banzai Run
Midweek banzai run to hunt bears in Idaho 1pm - got off from work, headed to Idaho. Got to the cabin around 4pm and set-up bait buckets, grabbed my gear, gassed up the side-by-side, and headed off. 14 miles of logging roads later I got out and baited. Cooked up some honey and liquid smoke, then drove back out about a mile and then walked in. Had two different bears come in tonight, neither on my hit list. One was a beautiful chocolate bear that was tempting, but I am holding out for a bigger bear that I have on camera. These two put on a show to say the least, they huffed and hissed, popped their teeth, swatted the ground, bluff charged, growled, and made other weird sounds, very entertaining evening. I had to get down with both bears 30 yards from my stand, neither would leave so it was kind of fun and interesting. bear_doody choc_sow2_14 waiting_for_bears DIY bear hunting is supreme in my book, I don't want to pay someone else to do the work, find the spots, hang my sets, etc... I want to do the driving, pay the gas bill, bait bill, and 100% earn everything I get on my own. I love hunting by myself and doing things the hard way, very rewarding to say the least. I got back from Idaho today around noon, did this little workout session: 5x2 Power Clean & Push Jerk with Axle Bar #195 "Bradshaw" 10 Rounds for time: 3 handstand push-ups 6 deadlifts #225 12 pull-ups 24 double unders 12:17

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