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Tuesday needs to be like a Monday

Tuesday needs to be like a Monday
Tuesdays should be a day where you train even harder then monday - you're probably a little sore but the body should be ready to rock. Today was a quick mobility session for the hips and shoulders then time to cram 90 minutes of training into 1 hour... 1. 3x4 back squat 85% #310 2. Snatch Pulls 3x3 #215 + Lunges 3x8/leg #135 3. Halting Snatch Deadlift (mid-thigh) #195 3x3 + Good Mornings 3x5 #135 4. 5 Rounds for total time and total reps: 200m Run + :30seconds max wall ball shots #30 + :30 Hang Power Clean #135 1 minute rest b/t rounds 15:08 wall balls: 11,12,13,12,12 hpclean: 8,9,8,8,8 Here's the first decent bear to appear on camera for 2014...

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