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10 Weeks Out...

10 Weeks Out...
Monday 6/9/2015 With a 16 minute running clock: A. EMOM: 14 Odd: Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch #145 Even: 30′ HS Walk B. Establish a 5RM Front Squat in remaining time - #255 With a 16 minute running clock: A. EMOM: 14 Odd: 3 TnG Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats #185 Even: 3 Muscle ups #10 Vest B. Establish a 5RM Front Squat in remaining time - #275x2, #225 Conditioning 3 Rounds for Time: 75 Double Unders 25 Calorie Row 7:22 Ordered one more trail camera, lithium batteries AA, nockturnals (G) for my VAPs, Deep Six Slick Tricks for my Easton FMJ's, and that's pretty exciting. Just confirmed a backpacking scouting trip at the end of the month with my wife. We're headed to a Washington Wilderness that I've been to once before and am thinking about heading back to. Shot 20 arrows, all with field points in my backyard. Tuesday 6/10/2015 Clean Deadlift + Hang Squat Clean + Jerk - worked up to #245, technique better today Clean Deadlift from floor x2 + Clean Pull (below the knee) x2 4 sets #265 Max Effort Walking Overhead Lunges #85, #105, #125, #155 Conditioning 20 Minute Amrap - 500m Sled pull + Strict Pull-ups + Strict HSPU - 3rds Shot 10 arrows in my backyard, prepared for a scouting/hiking day trip for Wednesday as my active rest. Wednesday 6/11/2015 Hiked in a few miles and checked a couple of cameras, put out a new one, and found a new wallow that I didn't know about. Quite a bit of bear sign, strong deer sign, and a few elk tracks. I pulled the cards, had 20,000+ images from the last seven months. Didn't shoot my bow, but tomorrow I'm heading to the range and will do the 3D course. Thursday 6/11/2015 Today was the worst I've hurt in a training session all year long. It was hot, like in the 90's and we were training in dark places. I was totally tested mentally, which is why I choose to do CrossFit, it allows my mental capacity to grow which undoubtedly puts me in a great position for the backcountry elk bow hunting scenario(s). 1. Full Snatch off Blocks at the knee (sn. grip deadlift + sn grip high pull + full snatch) technique day and wrist is felling better #155 2. 1. Clean and Jerk EMOMx15 3 rounds of: Min 1: 70% #200 Min 2: 75% #215 Min 3: 80% #230 Min 4: 85% #245 Min 5: 90% #255 3. Barbell Conditioning Teams of 3: A. AMRAP 7 of Thrusters: 50 reps at 95/65 50 reps at 115/80 AMRAP at 135/95 - 64 thrusters 3 min Rest B. AMRAP 7 of Hang Power Clean: 50 reps at 135/95 50 reps at 155/105 AMRAP at 185/135 - 44 hang power cleans 3 min Rest C. AMRAP 7 of Dead Lift: 50 reps at 185/135 50 reps at 225/155 AMRAP at 275/185 - 74 deadlifts and then I died! Went to the local range tonight with friends and shot the course. 16 targets, no rangefinders and we all got to rotate on calling where the shot took place from. I was decent at guessing range but I wasn't happy with some of shots. The mechanics are there, I am very comfortable with my bow rig, but still need to tweak a few things. Friday 6/12/2015 Fun little workout today: 1. Pull A. Work up to a heavy 2 rep Power Snatch #155 B. 4×8 Romanian Deadlift #195 2. 100 Rep Benchmark 100 1-arm DB Snatch, 70/50 alternate arms every rep - 7:45 3. With a partner #140 sandbag carry 140m KB Front Rack carry 140 #53's Butcher Sled #135 140m Prolwer Sled #135 140m Rogue Dog Sled #100 140m 7:53 Came home and shot my easton deep six 330 grain arrows with field points and deep six slick tricks 100 grain magnums and was blown away at my groups compared to my other set-up. I am going to dedicate next week to just shooting this set-up and see if I don't print out a new sight tape and crush the 3D course. I've only ever killed animals with shuttle t-locks, so to consider anything else is a big deal to me. (FYI) Saturday 6/13/2015 Conditioning 10 RFT: 1000-900-800-700-600-500-400-300-200-100 meter Row 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Muscle ups 29:37 4 Rounds NOT for time 15 Strict TTB 15 GHDSU

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