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9 Weeks Out...

9 Weeks Out...
Monday June 15th, 2015 Strength 5 Complexes of: 5 Push Presses 5 Front Squat 5 Thrusters Rest 2-3 minutes between sets. You choose the weight. Same weight for all 3 movements. No dropping the bar till all 15 reps are complete. #125,135,145,155,165 Conditioning 5 Squat Clean and Jerks, 225 400m Run 4 Squat Clean and Jerks, 235 400m Run 3 Squat Clean and Jerks, 245 400m Run 2 Squat Clean and Jerks, 255 400m Run 1 Squat Clean and Jerk, 265 18:something Tuesday June 16th, 2015 SESSION 1 Conditioning 5 Rds: 15 TTB 20 Cal Row 25 WB (20/14) - 15:40 500m sled run, teams of 3 #135 sled - 4:00 500m relay run...then puked twice. SESSION 2 Weightlifting Snatch EMOMx15 3 Rounds of: Min 1: 1 Snatch at 60% #135 Min 2: 1 Snatch at 65% #155 Min 3: 1 Snatch at 70% #165 Min 4: 1 Snatch at 75% #175 Min 5: 1 Snatch at 80% #185 Conditioning Partner WOD 6 Rounds Total, Alternate Rounds 5 Deads, 315/225 5 Muscle ups 5 Box Jumps, 30/24″ w/#10 Vest Went to the range solo and shot 16 3D Targets, 2 arrows per target at varying distances. The longest shot of the day was 83 and the closest was 33. Wednesday June 17th, 2015 Today was a great day, did my first open water swim at Liberty "seaweed infested" Lake. Only 3-4 hundred meters, but hey, it is way different than lap swimming. The best way to spend an off day from training. I also managed to drive to the range after work and shoot about 50 arrows and really felt on my way to being dialed! Thursday June 18th 1. Snatch 3×2 at 80% #175 3×1 at 85% #185 2×1 at 90% #190 then work up to a heavy...didn't, my wrist isn't not 100%, my technique has suffered due to the layoff, I need to really work bar position and speed through the middle, don't worry, I am not afraid to keep working on this movement. 2. Strength Back Squat 3×5 at 85% #295 2×2 at 90% #315 3. Conditioning “Team Ultimate Warrior” 30-20-10 Thrusters, 155 Bar Muscle ups + 1 Athlete Hanging 500m Sandbag run buy-out as a team #140 Evening Session: HS Walk and HSP Push-up Skill work / GHD Raises, etc... 2 Rounds for time of: 1k Row + 50 Thrusters #65 + 30 C2B Pull-ups #10 Vest - 18:30 Friday June 19th 1. 21-15-9 of: D Ball Slams #50 Burpee C2B Pull ups 10 #125 Stone Ground to Shoulder Buy-out 10:07 2. Conditioning Tabata: Deadlift, 185 Ring Dips Front Squat, 185 Double-Under Complete a full tabata protocol at each station (4 mins of :20 on, :10 off) before moving to the next station. No extra rest between stations. Post total reps for each station. The weekend flew by. I watched my daughter all weekend, so I did not go to the Silver Mountain 3D shoot, and I did not check any of my 20+ trail cameras in the mountains. I did set-up a course at my cabin and shot with my dad on Sunday, we had to make some pretty steep angle shots, looks like my 3rd axis is dialed. This was my first Father's day, and I got to spend it with my dad and daughter, it was awesome. My dad is the real deal, and my best friend, pretty cool. Next week is a short week, Alicia and I will be camping and doing some scouting on the Westside of WA.

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