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Monday 7/29/19 CrossOver Symmetry Protocol Warm-up: 3 rounds not for time: 20 air squats, 5 kettlebell clean & jerk 35#'s, 5 dBall ground to over 7' pull-up bar 100# KB Front Rack Lunges 100' 53#'s + Reverse Hypers 70# x20, 4 rounds 4 Minute AMRAP, 3 rounds, rest 1 min b/t rounds: 20 GHD Sit-ups, 20 cal row, 20 DB Alternating Snatches 60#, Max Wall Ball Shots 30# | round 1 - 8 wall ball shots, round 2 - 8, round 3 - 10 Tuesday 7/30/19 Pull-ups x8 EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 6 minutes, ride assault bike...

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Despite family obligations and one dumb ass accident, we are getting our training in for elk season.

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Hey if you're reading this then you probably creep on my training journal - thank you!  I have been pretty off track on training, due to bear season and a few extended bear hunts.  So now that I'm done with that for the season, I have picked up where I left off.  Always feel free to email me if you have any questions on the programming or want to let me know you're doing some of the pieces!   Monday 6/10/19 1. Back Squat 155#x10, 205#x8, 235#x6, 255#x4, 275#x2 2. 16 minute AMRAP: 2,4,6,8...etc... Devil Presses & DB Step-ups...

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Hey ya'll - I haven't been slacking, just trying to hunt for late season whitetails and they're not cooperating! Anyways, here's some workouts from the last couple of weeks, by the way, ELKSHAPE CAMP 2019 is SOLD OUT! So stoked for that event! Monday 11/26/18 3 mile hike 40# pack Tuesday 11/27/18 1. Back Squat - establish a heavy 1 rep 330# 90% 300# 2x3 80% 270# 2x3 2. 2 rounds for time: 400m Run 15 toes to bar 500m Row 20 pull-ups | 9:09 Wednesday 11/28/18 For Time: 5 C&J 185# rest 1 minute 10 C&J 165# rest 1...

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