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Thursday October 23rd

Pretty darn good day! Watched baby Avery this morning while mommy worked at the hospital. Getting ready to host a competition at our box tomorrow... 6th Annual Hunger Games.

Here's Today's workout:

1. Full Snatches
3x1 #155, 2x1 #165, 2x1 #175, 1x1 #185, 1x1 #195.
100% technique focused session. I really need to get my muscle memory back on this movement, it's crazy how much depends on where your weight is put on the heels to the toes and back to the heels. I have a line taped to keep me from jumping out forward on the receiving position, working on jumping back more. I am digging my set-up and speed, mobility is also starting to make a come back.

2. 21-15-9 For Time:
wall ball shots #30
row (calories)
burpees to 6" target

3. 5 Rounds For Time:
5+1 Muscle-ups (1 muscle up + an extra dip)
5 Power Cleans #225
5 box jump overs 30"

Once my strength comes back this workout is a sub 10 wod... SOON!

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