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September Recap / Back in the Saddle

September Recap / Back in the Saddle
1 My dad was awesome to hunt with this year. He was in way better shape than years past and we worked really well together. Here we are hunting in WA where the units are overcrowded and have low elk density. 2 I called this bull in for my dad on his 59th Birthday, what a blessing, glory to God. I was closer to the bull than he was when he shot it and I got to see him come to full draw, he made a terrific shot quartering away, the bull didn't make it a 100 yards. [caption id="attachment_11654" align="alignnone" width="300"]DCIM100GOPROG0032959. DCIM100GOPROG0032959.[/caption] Here's my first bull of the year, I called him into myself and made about a ten yard shot. 3 Short tracking jobs all around this year. 4 Second bull of the year and I got him on my last day of hunting before I had to report back to work. I have been able to harvest at least 2 bulls per year for the last 6 seasons. [caption id="attachment_11657" align="alignnone" width="300"]DCIM100GOPROG0022949. DCIM100GOPROG0022949.[/caption] So to sum up this year's elk hunting; tough! I hunted around 20 days total, which is a huge part of why I have success every year, you need time in the field, or at least I do. Lots of hunting pressure, more than ever in fact. I had many encounters with bulls get messed up from other hunters pushing in hard with their not so good elk calls and the wind at their back. It made things interesting. The unit above and below us were closed due to wildfires, I am hoping the increased numbers of hunters was only due to that. I believe I saw somewhere north of 35 different bulls with my own two eyes... I passes on a handful of bulls until the end of season. I called in several and truly enjoyed every second. I will try to put together a video of some of my best footage from the year. I saw 15 bears! No wolves! I am going to miss elk hunting and it is going to be a long 11 month wait. 10/6/2015 1. Back Squat #225x8, #275x6, #295x4 2. Partner WOD Teams of 2: 200 cal row 75 burpee box jump overs 100 barbell front rack lunge 95/65 50 DBall to shoulder 100 WBS 25 (ea) T2B *Switching takes place at rower. One person chips away at the rower while other partner chips away at movements. May switch as often as needed. 24:58 10/7/2015 Happy Birthday to my little sis - you're amazing mother, wife, photographer, and of course, follower of Christ. Love you. 1. Work up to a heavy double on Snatch #135,155,175,185 2. “Hang Squat Snatch-athon” 95/65 100 reps for time *if barbell drops 400m run penalty 18:25 10/8/2015 Got a new sight tape put on the Nitrum, working with a single pin set-up for AZ, not going to be a top-pin scenario for late season elk. 1. Work up to a heavy 2 rep max thruster from the floor #135,185,205,210,215 2. 20 Minute AMRAP 12 wall ball shots #30 10' Target 6 box jump overs 30" rest 1 min 13 rounds 10/9/2015 1. Snatch EMOM for 12 min 75-85% #135x3,155x3,175x3,155x3 3. For Time: 50 Dubz + 21 OHS #95 + 21 HR Push-ups 40-18-18 30-15-15 20-12-12 10-9-9 9:10 Headed up to Idaho to get some of my remaining trail cameras and rife is opening up so should be a lot of bulls hitting the dirt if you are into that sort of thing, and will shoot my bow and get firewood. The good life.

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