Monday October 20th

Monday October 20th

Well October seems to be flying by. I spent the weekend staying close to home, it was refreshing. I did manage to get a hunt in for deer, more of a scouting trip really. I have a pretty cool set-up on some state land, but it's a little on the long side when it comes to walking to your set-up. About 1 mile and half with 800 vertical gain, I hauled in my stands and ladders, cables, locks, cameras, limbing saws, camera cases, feed, etc... My backpack felt really heavy, but it's ready to roll for November.


AM Session
Pause split jerks 5x3 (light/technique) #145-185

PM Session
1. 6x4 Back Squat Rest :90 seconds #265
2. Clean Ladder EMOM 20 dubz + power clean
3. For Time:
400m Run
25 STOH Dumbbells #45's
25 Burpees to 6" Target
25 Front Squats Dumbbells #45's
400m Run
4. Pause Power Cleans (pause at knee) 5x1 #135-225
5. Single Leg Reverse Hypers 3x5-5

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