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I'm Coming for that #1 Spot

I'm Coming for that #1 Spot
Weekend was great, here's the details of the competition... 1. Front Squat Ladder, every :30 seconds front squat max reps for :20 seconds at the following loads: #135 - 15 reps #165 - 13 reps #185 - 11 reps #205 - 10 reps #225 - 5 reps We took second place in this workout. My legs felt like crap after this one, but it was good to get a top finish in a strength bias workout. 10525587_10152586198454137_652582197281369729_n 2. Sandbag Sprint, Female runs 60m, picks up #30 sandbag runs back, does 10 burpees over the bag while male runs 60m, picks up #60 sandbag runs back, does 10 burpees over the bag... 3 rounds each. 4:12 - We took 3rd place on this, which was the wod I thought we'd WIN for sure. We headed into the third workout with 5 points (lowest score is what you want) which was a great place to be. 10525964_10152584060759137_8730754360611155990_n 3. Triplet - Female runs 400m, then male runs 400m, alternating until 2400m total is completed, mean while each partner can chip away at these movements and in this order: 140 kettlebell swings #53/35 and 90 pull-ups. Brooke did 47 swings, then I got us to 105 swings, when I got back she had finished up the swings and got us 3 pull-ups, I ripped off a bunch of reps and when she got back we were at 72 reps, I did my last run and she finished them up. We took 2nd overall in this workout with a time of 10:20. 10464258_10152584063089137_7547413230726830958_n 4. The final workout sucked, but they cut the field down from 42 teams to the top 16, we were in 1st place going into the workout, and we knew who we had to beat. I love competition, it brings out the BEST in everyone. Male - "Isabel" 30 Snatches at #95 Female - "Grace" 30 C&J at #45 Male - 400m Run + 30 Box Jumps + 30 Wall Ball Shots Female - 400m Run + 15 OHS #34 Male - 21 Thrusters #95 + 21 Pull-ups Female - 21 Cleans #95 + 21 Ring Dips. Not sure what our time was, but I know we got second place on this workout giving us a total point finish of 9 points.. giving us the title of "Fittest in the Park." My partner Brooke was clutch, and I didn't expect anything less. It feels great to compete and win, CrossFit has changed my life for the better. 10458102_10152584065164137_4659389365167402466_n 07/20/14 Today was a Recovery workout: 1. 5k Row - 21:40 2. 5x5 of Push Jerk, Push Jerk, Push Jerk, Split Jerk, Split Jerk #165, 195, 195, 195, 215 3. Reverse Hypers 3x10 4. Weighted #20 GHD Raises + GHD Hip Back Extensions 3x5 + 10 Time to get home and see my new baby Avery.

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