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Tuesday Power Up

Tuesday Power Up

I am extremely sore still from Saturday's competition - but I had to get the ball rolling...Power Up.

Before work I drove 20 miles to one of my whitetail spots, moved a stand, hung 2 cameras, did some limbing, and pulled a card... With a baby now, it is really hard to get scouting in so sleep is starting to decrease, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

1.) 5 Rounds, Every :30 seconds 1 Power Clean + Push Press 70% of Power Clean #205
2.) 1 rep max OHS from rack #205, 225, 245, 265 missed, not PR's
3.) 5 Rounds of:
:20 seconds work, :40 seconds rest
Thrusters #135... 8,7,7,7,9
Pull-ups... 19,18,20,20,20
Burpees... 9,9,8,8,10
Total Reps = 180

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