Hump Day

front rack lunges, front squat, full snatch -

Hump Day

Well, still pretty sore, but refusing to rest, and grinding daily. Fatherly responsibilities are no joke, and time freedom has diminished. For example, I had planned on driving about 70 miles after work tonight to scout for mule deer, the MRS. put the kabash on those plans. She's pretty sleep deprived, so I decided I better stay home for daddy duties. Having Avery fall asleep on my chest is priceless and undoubtedly worth skipping scouting.

1. EMOM 5 Minutes 5x1 75% Full Snatch #185
2. EMOM 5 Minutes 5x2 75% Front Squat #255
3. For Time:
30 Lunges Front Rack #95
200m Run
20 Lunges Front Rack #115
400m Run
10 Lunges Front Rack #135
800m Run

Should probably rest tomorrow, doubt I will...

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