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Flush / Deep Tissue

Flush / Deep Tissue
03/19/2014 Today I was up at 4:30am, it was my turn to open the box up.  Coached a handful of classes and private instruction, had a cancellation so had the opportunity to do a total body flush that went like this: 10 Minute AirDyne (what a ball buster) + 2K Row + 200 Yard Plate Push (first 100 yards were super slow and deliberate, hit the last 100 lights out) + 1K Row + 5 Minute AirDyne.  Took about 35 minutes and actually felt pretty damn good. Massage this afternoon from "Plant Power," (she's a tiny vegetarian that out lifts most men no joke) she can crush my soul with her deep tissue massage.  Tons of water down the hatch.  Dinner was elk spaghetti and a spinach salad, funny; I told two clients today they could not eat pasta and what you know I have it for dinner... #moderation. Last night's 6 hour sleep was more like a nap, zero wake ups, tonight I'm shooting for 9-10.  CrossFit Open 14.4 is around the corner and I'd like to move up from 29th in the Region to the top twenty which will be a major chore.  Looking forward to the weekend where hopefully I will be able to locate some bulls and check for fresh sheds. IMG_0488

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