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bomb run thursday

bomb run thursday
Just got back from another mid-week bomb run. 100 miles one way, plus back roads, 8 buckets of bait, and lots of rushing around. I sat the stand with the most bear activity, the place was covered in bear scat, and many bears are hanging near it. I believe the bear rut is going to be a little early this year, two of my big boars have left the country and we all know what they're after. I'll be hitting it hard this weekend as Alicia has to work most of the weekend and I finally have a stretch of days to spot and stalk as well as bait. I'm pumped. IMG_20140522_122628 WGI_0024 WGI_0038 Today's Workout: 1. 7x3 Dynamic Effort Box Back Squat Rest :30seconds #185 at bottom and #305 at the top (#120 chains) 2. Halting Snatch Grip Deadlift (Mid-Thigh) #185x3, #205 2x3, #225 2x3 3. Banded Good Mornings 3x5 4. Reverse Hypers #100 3x5 5. Conditioning: 20 minute amrap 200m Run 5 Front Squats #195 (no racks) 10 HR Push-Ups 15 Chirpees 20 Burpee of the Box 24" 3 Rounds + 17 reps

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