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bear weekend #1

bear weekend #1
Today's Workout 05/05/2014 1. Back Squat 3x5 80% #295 2. Barbell Lunges 3x8 #135 3. Reverse Hypers 3x8 #90 4. EMOM 5 Minutes Low Hang Squat Clean + 2 Full Cleans #225 5. Axle Bar Power Clean + Split Jerk 5x1 #205 6. 5 Rounds for time: Axle Bar #135 Power Clean x10 Kettlebell Swings #70 x10 6:24 This weekend I checked on 3 baits only 1 was getting hit down low. The Razer is bomb for loading up baits, stands, and hauling ass through the mountains. 2 out of my 3 baits have new logging operations between me and my baits, this crap happens every year, roll with the punches. DCIM101GOPRO Here's the set-up for my spot that's getting hammered by four different bears - I love the view, I can get down and go stalk any bears feeding on grasses. mica_creek_bear_setup This is how I film my bear hunts - you can get this from mudddy at any Cabela's - works pretty damn good. muddy_getto_swing_arm I had a bear break my case on my trail camera, this bear worked over my camera for over an hour and actually bent the metal - impressive. bear_vandle The 2014 Carbon Spyder is ready to rock tipped with Easton FMJ's and Shuttle T-Locks 100 grain. mica_view Here are some of the little bears that I got to film this weekend: WGI_0024 Here's the little shit that broke my trail camera case :) WGI_0049

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