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WA State Opener

WA State Opener
1. EMOM for 5 rounds Power Clean & Jerk #175,175,195,195,215 And 3 Muscle-Ups 2. 5x3 Power Cleans T&G #215,220,225,230,235 3. Back Squat 1x10 #225 1×8 #275 1x6 #305 Stayed the night out in the Washington scablands, sage and rattlesnakes. Saw 8 different hunters in their rigs while driving to my spot in the dark. Hiked in 2.75 miles according to my GPS, I glassed deer coming off a pivot, on to BLM ground (see posted video), the only decent buck was very big bodied but had no width or forks to say the least. I put him to bed, and walked up to 24 yards as a practice stalk, I took a few photos of him as well. I drove home, did my office work, laundry, and organized the garage, I wanted to nap so bad but closed the deal on myself and headed to the gym instead, discipline doesn't always come easy and you have to constantly pursue it. I changed things up and headed to my WA whitetail spot hoping to find some velvet bucks, sat the stand from 4-8pm and didn't see 1 deer, that's a first. So I'm taking Tuesday off from hunting and will head to Idaho on Wednesday after work, Elk season is approaching quickly, here's a few pics of some deer and our base camp for elk hunting which is sort of like a spike camp since we have to pack in 6 miles to get to it. The work is done, now it is time to execute. IMG_1567 20140901_065810_1

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