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ElkShape Podcast - EP 37 Attorney Turns Elk Hunter

ElkShape Podcast - EP 37 Attorney Turns Elk Hunter
Patrick J. Walsh did not grow up in a hunting family, he has zero hunters in his circle of friends or colleagues.  By day, he's an attorney and part owner of a local gym.  I've been aquainted with him for several years, running into him at CrossFit competitions and answering a few random texts from him periodically about hunting.  Well, this year he decided to try bowhunting elk after a couple of years of learning how to shoot a bow and messing with local whitetail deer hunting. My mind was and still is kind of blown that a guy in his later thirties was attracted to the idea of taking time away from his beautiful wife and stressful job, and go cut his teeth on public land over-the-counter elk hunting in Idaho.  I sit down with him and engage in a conversation on how he got interested in the idea of doing his own killing with a bow on public land.  Let's be honest here, a guy like him could probably afford a sweet guided elk hunt on some amazing privage ranch ground, yet he chose to do it the hard way and I dig in to find out why.  This is one of my favorite recorded conversations, you're going to learn something on this episode!

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