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Today we talk frontal shots on elk.  We get into Justin's 7 year elk hunting learning curve and the story of his first bull on public land with an over-the-counter tag.  Justin has worked behind the counter of an archery pro shop for years and has seen it all.  We go over tried and true equipment for elk including arrow rest selection, string selection, and common pitfalls of archery technique.  Like all our episodes, we bring on ordinary people with extraordinary knowledge.  Enjoy. ELKSHAPE PARTNERS Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery Vortex Optics Exo Mountain Gear Option Archery...

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This throwback episode is one that didn't get published and I thought it would be a great idea to blast it here on the ELKSHAPE Podcast.  I sit down and record with Mark Huelsing of Exo Mountain Gear.  We basically cover the ElkShape lifestyle and how to best prioritize your family when you're passionate about elk hunting.  We hunters need our time away from civilization and we need a strong family presence.  This hunting dichotomy is one that we all juggle and is worth putting some thought and intention behind.   ELKSHAPE PARTNERS Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery...

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Patrick J. Walsh did not grow up in a hunting family, he has zero hunters in his circle of friends or colleagues.  By day, he's an attorney and part owner of a local gym.  I've been aquainted with him for several years, running into him at CrossFit competitions and answering a few random texts from him periodically about hunting.  Well, this year he decided to try bowhunting elk after a couple of years of learning how to shoot a bow and messing with local whitetail deer hunting. My mind was and still is kind of blown that a guy in...

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How many East coast or Midwest hunters have still not made it out West to elk hunt? The answer is probably most. It can be extremely intimidating to plan an elk hunt from a logistical angle, let alone find somewhere good to elk hunt without really having the resources to put up trail cameras or scout ahead of time. I want everyone to make it happen and commit to the idea of coming out West. Regardless if you fly or drive the 2,000 miles one way, you'll never regret it! We sit down with a guy who is a hard...

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It's no surprise why John Barklow has been on multiple podcasts, he's pretty much a complete bad ass. I got him on the ElkShape Podcast to talk next level elk hunting for the blue colloar public land DIY OTC crowd. So if you're stuck in the elk hunting learning curve, or need some insight on backpack elk hunting this one's for you. Here's what we chat about: The Design Process When it Comes to Sitka Gear How John started elk hunting Calling Less can be very fruitful How to read and interpret TOPO maps Backpacking Sleep Systems Backpacking Water Systems...

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