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ElkShape Podcast EP 31 - East Coast Elk Hunters

ElkShape Podcast EP 31 - East Coast Elk Hunters
How many East coast or Midwest hunters have still not made it out West to elk hunt? The answer is probably most. It can be extremely intimidating to plan an elk hunt from a logistical angle, let alone find somewhere good to elk hunt without really having the resources to put up trail cameras or scout ahead of time. I want everyone to make it happen and commit to the idea of coming out West. Regardless if you fly or drive the 2,000 miles one way, you'll never regret it! We sit down with a guy who is a hard working and dedicated family man. Brian Seals was a guy I met when we started Train To Hunt in our early days. I have kept in touch and brought him on today to learn how he's done 9 years worth of DIY elk hunting trips out West from the East coast. Brian is such a solid dude and is a research junkie. I hope you get some great knowledge and inspired to make your elk hunting dreams come true.

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