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ElkShape Podcast EP 32 - Jason Phelps Transformation

ElkShape Podcast EP 32 - Jason Phelps Transformation
Jason Phelps lives in Washington, works a 9-5 and runs a successful call company. He's a gentle giant and a beast of an elk hunter. He's been on a handful of Podcasts discussing elk tactics and calling, but today we get into his transformation during the 2018 off-season. Jason tipped the scales at almost three bills this winter and decided to take control of his health and crushed his fitness goals. We dive into his journey of losing 50 unwanted pounds through consistent nutrition and training. We do talk elk hunting plans for 2018 and his new bugle tube that dropped this month as well. Jason defines hard working blue collar hustle. He's the right fit for this podcast and he sheds some serious insight on how to make your dreams come true. Enjoy!

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