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  Today we chat with Josh Bailey originally from Kentucky.  Josh is in his mid 30's and has done what many wish they could do.  He quit his comfortable and cushy corporate job to chase his dream of being a fitness coach.  We talk about his eight year elk hunting journey in Montana as well as his philosophy on getting in shape for elk hunting.  Josh owns his own CrossFit gym in Bellevue, Washington.  He's married, has a couple of dogs and lives to be outdoors chasing bugles. Follow him on Instagram Grey Coast CrossFit LIVE ElkShape Camps 3.0 Spokane,...

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Today we're talking hunting and financial fitness.  We sit down and record with Jeff Bynum on best financial practices for hunters who want to hunt without being broke.  We go over the pitfalls of being house poor, credit cards, school loans, retirement planning and discipline.  This topic is extremely important and cannot be overlooked.  Money is just a tool, so you have to treat it just like your health and doing things that require daily discipline to achieve your longterm goals.  Here's some background info on Jeff: In the fall of 2008 I was introduced to an uncommon approach to...

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Today we bring in another blue collar family man who happens to slay giant bulls on public land with an over-the-counter tag. Tyler is a hard working guy who shares what he's learned hunting solo in the Idaho backcountry for big herd bulls. We also get into how he balances family, young kids, a demanding career, and workouts while on the road for work. This is a great episode that covers a lot of ground. Enjoy! ELKSHAPE PARTNERS Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery Vortex Optics Exo Mountain Gear Option Archery Easton Archery Sitka Gear Kenetrek Boots OnXmaps...

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This throwback episode is one that didn't get published and I thought it would be a great idea to blast it here on the ELKSHAPE Podcast.  I sit down and record with Mark Huelsing of Exo Mountain Gear.  We basically cover the ElkShape lifestyle and how to best prioritize your family when you're passionate about elk hunting.  We hunters need our time away from civilization and we need a strong family presence.  This hunting dichotomy is one that we all juggle and is worth putting some thought and intention behind.   ELKSHAPE PARTNERS Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery...

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Your succuss will not determine my success.  This episode has it all, we sit down with a great friend, MR. Levi Day.  Levi's blue collar roots have molded him into quite the elk hunter, but even a better man.  Levi lives in Oregon, but has spent many years living and breathing in Idaho and has had lots of success on public land elk with minimal time.  Levi is an educator by day, so his fall hunts are mainly spent on the weekends yet he finds a way to be successful year after year.  Levi breaks down his fitness journey, his...

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