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We changed things up for 2024!  We are offering only 1 camp this year so we decided to go big.  This 3 day camp is will be an experience like no other, here's a snapshot into the curriculum:

Day 1 - 15 participants will be with Josh Jones aka MFJJ working on their archery equipment.  You will be installing new GAS strings (provided), peep installation, D-Loop, nock sets, serving, and most importantly tuning.  You will leave this camp with a better understanding of how your equipment works, diagnosing and fixing problems.  We believe in arming bowhunters with archery tech skills will provide a lifetime value and a level of confidence that is undeniable.  

Day 2 - 15 participants with be with Joel Turner of ShotIQ.  You will learn how to mentally control your shot when the moment of truth arrives.  Joel is a world renown archery coach, he's been featured on Joe Rogan and his son Bodie Turner is one of the best target archers on the planet. In addition to the ShotIQ curriculum, you'll be learning elk vocalizations with Joel who's one of the best elk callers in the world.  You'll leave the camp with a greater understanding of elk sounds, what they mean and when to produce these sounds for more successful archery elk hunting.

Day 3 - 15 participants with be with Dan Staton of ElkShape pouring over onXhunt to create a plan of attack for their elk hunts.  Dan will teach the art of mobile elk hunting, how to find elk on public land and most importantly, how to close the deal.  This day will include the stress test which creates a simulation of hunting elk with a backpack on while shooting your bow under duress. Participants will also run through a elk hunting specific warm-up, injury prevention protocols and workout at a nearby gym.  They will finish the day sifting through the gear to take with them on their hunt and how to leverage elk hunting to create the best version of themselves.  Dan has hosted ElkShape Camps for over 5 years, in total 25 Camps with over a 1,000 plus elk hunters.