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Weekend in Idaho

Weekend in Idaho
Friday I decided to take another rest day, my body still not 100% needed some time away from loading. Headed to Idaho for some time in the woods. I was trying to relocate some bulls that I found the week prior as well as some new bachelor groups. I probably glassed over 200+ elk throughout the weekend, saw no bears out, nor any bear sign. Definitely didn't find any fresh elk bone, I still think most of the bulls are still packing, but next weekend should be the time to start picking up brown bone. cows These cows were hugging the ridge line where I like to glass for sheds gilson_draw Snow, Rain, Fog... and a little bit of sunshine. hotrod_wt_sheds My dad picked up the only sheds of the weekend. wolfkill_tank_crk Another wolf kill - the tracks were really big and it could potentially be a lone wolf. We were looking for him around every corner, it's just a matter of time, but we're always ready...

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