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Thursday Active Rest Training

Thursday Active Rest Training

1. 3 Rounds for total time: 100 Double Unders + 5 C2B pull-ups + :60s Rest - 5:28Rx

2. 2 Rounds of max unbroken power clean reps touch & go 60% #175 + 30 Calorie AirDyne + Rest 1 minute. 15 reps / 7:15

3. 3 Rounds for time:
100 yard plate push, #165 front squat x2 + back squat x4 + rest 1 minute 7:41.

I will be taking 3-4 days off and then will tackle 14.5. I'm beat up and need to heal up some soft tissue in my wrist, get my shoulder worked on some more... Plan on hiking tons of miles and elevation looking for sheds and looking for bears this weekend, I'll bring home some footage.

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